A leading provider of integrated design consultancy services across 南非, with a history of more than 50 years, we partner with public and private sector clients, applying creative vision, 技术优势, interdisciplinary insight, and local expertise to solve their most complex challenges.

With offices in 百夫长, 德班和开普敦, 我们的专家团队, 超过47人支持,000 colleagues worldwide, has designed and overseen the construction of some of 南非’s most prominent commercial and mixed-use developments, and complex 基础设施 schemes. Our agile teams provide multidisciplinary services and offer specialist expertise to every scale or project: from large 再生 schemes to local community-led initiatives.

We connect across services and markets to deliver transformative outcomes, combining global expertise with local knowledge. From feasibility studies and detailed design, through to site supervision and construction, we support every stage of the development lifecycle, integrating 可持续性 and innovation in everything we do.

We are committed to delivering projects that close 南非’s 基础设施 gap and improve the quality of life of communities country wide.
Clients include the private sector; national, provincial and local government departments of housing, 运输, 水 and public works; as well as parastatals across a range of sectors including telecommunications, 港口, 道路, 铁路, electricity and energy supply; and bulk 水 supply.


体系结构 & 建筑工程
Our teams of architects, 结构, mechanical and electrical engineers have extensive experience delivering assets for the 医疗保健, 工业, 航空, 运输ation and commercial sectors. They collaborate with leading specialists in acoustics, 可持续性, 抗震设计, 消防工程, 照明设计, 安全, 表面工程, 建筑取证, 能源审计, information technology and telecommunications to deliver cost-effective, 功能, 创新的建筑.

We design and supervise the construction of large-scale civil 基础设施 projects for some of Africa’s largest private and public clients. Our service offerings are anchored by our 运输ation and 水 engineering expertise. Under 运输ation engineering, our experience covers 航空, 道路, 桥梁, 铁路, and 港口 and marine 基础设施. Our 水 engineering work includes 水 supply systems, 水电, 大坝, irrigation and 水 resources.

We have been providing our Africa-based clients with cost consultancy advice for over 90 years. This longevity in the built environment market is a key differentiator and has allowed us to be involved in many exciting and prestigious projects that have influenced and changed the African landscape.

Our quantity surveyors and project managers are committed to effectively managing the amount of time and costs of our projects without jeopardizing excellence and quality through project execution. Our professional teams are particularly involved with commercial, 零售, 医疗保健, 教育, financial and residential sector clients.

Environmental 服务
Our professionals deliver comprehensive solutions to environmental challenges associated with regulatory, business and operational concerns. We address environmental health and safety management, compliance and permitting issues associated with air quality, 水, 自然资源, 栖息地的保护, site remediation and restoration. We also focus on societal and stakeholder issues surrounding each project.

We conduct site investigations; material investigations for linear structures; foundation designs; slope designs; slope analysis; design of retaining structures; underground excavations (including tunnels, 洞穴, adits and shafts); ground improvement measures and recommendation; numerical analyses; and the assessment of risk and mitigation measures for undermined and dolomitic areas.

We translate our clients’ ideas — whatever the scope, objective or location — into sharply focused, economically feasible projects that address their challenges through creative thinking, structured analysis and clear, concise communications.

Our masterplanning practice embraces cityscapes and landscapes, sustainable communities, 再生, 城市流动, urban design guidelines and tourism. Our expertise is rooted in the land and its relations to the built form.

From creation to completion, we apply creative solutions to manage and minimize risks across the entire project life cycle.

As a global leader in program management, we use client-focused strategies to manage large-scale projects in 运输ation, 基础设施, environmental schemes, 设施, mining and minerals and energy installations.